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Vin VanderClute
Self Kindness & Executive Function Coach

82 Wendell Ave 
Ste 100
Pittsfield, MA 01201
This is an unprecedented time our lives. I am here to help.

We as a society have been through shared trauma since 2020. This has made it really hard to be kind to ourselves, to be patient, or to structure our lives in ways that feel comfortable or productive. If you feel affected by all that's been happening, know that you're not alone. If you need help giving yourself the space to not be okay, or if you want to learn new ways to make a scaffold for yourself, let's grow together. Reach out today for a free coaching consultation, and we'll see if we can make a plan together!

I have a background in special education & experience working in psychology. More than that, though, I have lived experiences that have made self compassion a necessary practice in my own life, and I've struggled plenty with executive functioning. My professional background gives me access to tools I wouldn't have found otherwise, but my life experience gives me a level of understanding that not everyone in the helping field can offer. 

My sessions are absolutely not a place to get the same cookie-cutter advice you've already been told a hundred times (and I'll believe you when you tell me why journaling didn't solve everything for you).


Gio says:

"Before taking the self compassion coaching I wasn't in a very good place and was unknowingly neglecting my mental health. Now I have the tools needed to understand myself and my emotions and am in a much better place now. 


The executive function coaching has helped me complete tasks and projects that I've been putting off for years in a matter of months. I've also been able to set up new daily routines and actually maintain them for the first time in my life."

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