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Upcoming offerings

Learning is a part of life, whether you're a kid or a grown up. I am developing a series of 90-minute workshops to help anyone who wants to learn some new organizational skills. 

Up next: The Journal & Planner Crash Course. For me, executive function and organization increased tenfold when I started journaling. I will show you several ways to set up a planner, how to use trackers for everything from your mood to your favorite TV show, and even talk about how journals can be a creative outlet as well as an organizational tool. 

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I just offered my first workshop on November 7th: Meal Plan Like a Pro. If you missed it, I'll be offering it again in the future & I can teach you about my process for minimizing decision fatigue about food.

Up next, I have the Journal and Planner Crash Course on December 5th. For more information, see the section above!

If you'd be more interested in another topic, or couldn't fit those sessions into your schedule, fill in the form below & I will update my offerings soon to suit folks' needs!

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